Moroccan Spirit


Argan Oil

Kasbah Oil strives to be synonymous with high-quality luxurious cosmetic products.




offers Argan Oil at its simplest yet most natural form 100% pure and organic.


Pure argan oil is very scarce and one of the most exquisite oils in the world that is extracted from the nuts of the trees growing only in a small argan forest area in southern Morocco.

To achieve the highest standards applicable to such a delicate product, Kasbah Oil’s production involves only the traditional extraction method: by hand. The oil is then cold-pressed to ensure the best grade and the highest quality.

Kasbah means “fortress” in Arabic;

a structure built to defend and protect the more vulnerable lands in a region. Kasbah Oil was inspired by and born of the same idea, using 100% pure Argan Oil to protect and nourish the vitality of the body.

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